One-Shot Entertainment

Founded by Yang Jae-wook, One-Shot Entertainment is one of the biggest talent agencies and record label in South Korea. Located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, they are masterminds behind some of the most popular names in K-Pop. They also have a competitive RisingStars Program, which produces some of the top rising youths in Korea, and trains them for success in the industry. With so much success, practically everyone wishing to enter the music industry aspires to join One-Shot Entertainment, and join the numberless list of stars they helped create.

Notable Artists


Members: G6, Sunny, T.K.O, Doyoung, Sungmin

BoOm is a hip-hop quintet from One-Shot Entertainment. Known for their edgy personas, genre-defying beats, and quirky lyrics, BoOm is arguably the biggest artists produced by One-Shot, and one of the biggest names in K-Pop, often credited with helping popularize K-Pop worldwide. While each member is a successful solo star, the most prevalent member is the group’s leader, G6, whose 4 solo albums have topped multiple charts worldwide, and daring androgynous looks made him a fashion icon. Now inching towards the 10-year anniversary of their debut, fans wait with both excitement and angst for what could be their last studio album before enlisting in the military.


Members: Cherry, Tangy, Daisy, Tea, Skye, Jean, Violet

RainBow is a rising 7-member girl group from One-Shot Entertainment. The group got its name from the fact that each member sports a hair color from the rainbow, and are best known for their fun and colorful style. After releasing their debut mini album "Colors" 1 year ago, they instantly shot up the charts and became a huge success, winning several best new artist awards, and Song of the Year for the single "Illusion." Now continuing the momentum with their 2nd mini album "ColorFull", RainBow is on track to becoming one of the top girl groups not only in Korea, but the world.


Storm is a senior artist from One-Shot Entertainment. Originally a member of the male idol group, Teen-Dream, Storm emerged as a breakout solo star, selling millions of copies for his record-breaking debut album, “Twister.” In addition to a successful singing career, Storm also possesses a successful acting career, staring lead in a number of dramas, movies, and even a Hollywood film. Now fresh from fulfilling his military duty, Storm is once again ready to take the world by storm, offering his talents to searching for the next generation of idols on various survival programs while producing his highly anticipated comeback album.


Members: Min-ju, Bella, Jessi, Joo-hyun, Anna

BFF is a legendary girl group from One-Shot Entertainment. Labeled the “Original Queens of K-Pop” by their exuberant fandom, “Darlings”, BFF was the first girl group from One-Shot to be a major success, dominating charts both in and outside Korea, and having a huge influence on the K-Pop community for their chic fashion, and signature positive lyrics. After 10-years of breaking multiple records and barriers, BFF announced their retirement from the music scene, much to the dismay of their fans. However, their impact can still be felt on the industry, and their legacy lives on through other major girl groups like RainBow.

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