Go Futa Go Futa is the pen name of an identical twin writing/art duo. Go Futa became passionate about drawing from watching classic anime such as Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z as children, and aspired to become authors/artists soon after. Making their debut with K-Pop Idol Diaries, Go Futa marks a very personal item off their bucket list, and hopes to inspire other readers to do the same and follow their dream.

When not working tirelessly on the next volume of K-Pop Idol Diaries, Go Futa enjoys listening/watching K-Pop songs from their favorite artists (BTS, NCT, Red Velvet), reading manga, cosplaying, and traveling around the world for inspiration.

You can follow Go Futa on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to get updates on all things K-Pop Idol Diaries, as well as other planned releases by the writing duo.

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