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SKS-7 Spotlight: The Gangnam Goddess – G.G.

In depth with the birthday girl, Gigi, Sept. 16 2020

Hello once again K-Pop Idol Diaries readers! It’s been too long since our last blog that finally, we can no longer say future readers, as vol.1 is out NOW on Amazon – FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers... While we’re on the subject of Gigi, it’s time to admit that she’s the main subject for this blog post. Why? Well, not only is she the star of K-Pop Idol Diaries and she’s yet to have her own blog feature, but because the Gangnam Goddess herself had a birthday this week, on Sept. 13! Happy Birthday Gigi! Celebrations are in order, so let’s celebrate by putting the spotlight on Gigi and getting a behind the scenes look at her character development. READ MORE -->

Double Trouble Time: It's Michael & Jordan

Final SKS-7 member reveals: SKS-7 maknae Michael and Jordan, June. 17 2020

Hey there (hopefully) future K-Pop Idol Diaries readers! It’s been a while since we revealed a member of featured idol group SKS-7 from our debut novel series coming out on July 21st. Therefore, we thought we’d make up for it by revealing not one, but two members of SKS-7. We hinted for you to prepare for trouble, and any OG Pokémon fan should’ve connected the dots to “make it double” – as the last two members of SKS-7 are identical twins Michael & Jordan! READ MORE -->

Rocky Packs a Punch

Fourth SKS-7 member reveal: SKS-7 vocalist Rocky, May. 19 2020

Hello once again (hopefully) future K-Pop Idol Diaries readers! Hope all who reads this is doing well in these times and is staying safe. If you’re reading this, perhaps you’ve already read the sneak-peek of our debut light novel K-Pop Idol Diaries (coming out on July 21st) on our website... We’re hoping you enjoy the sneak-peek, in addition to the character reveals we’ve been doing every few weeks or so. Since starting off our reveal with series star Gigi, we’ve now unveiled 4 members of featured idol group SKS-7: Shine, Bae, Cray-Z, and just last week, Rocky.READ MORE -->

Let's Go Cray-Z

Third SKS-7 member reveal: SKS-7 producer/lead rapper Cray-Z, May. 01 2020

Hey there (hopefully) future K-Pop Idol Diaries readers! We’ve been super busy getting things in order before volume 1 of our debut book series launches this summer on July 21st...Meanwhile, we’re also still revealing the members of SKS-7, the featured idol group in the series. In addition to series star Gigi, we’ve revealed Shine (SKS-7 leader) and Bae (the hyung of SKS-7). Since then, we’ve also revealed SKS-7’s flamboyant producer and lead rapper Cray-Z, whose reveal is the purpose of this blog. READ MORE -->

It's Finally Bae Day

Second SKS-7 member reveal: SKS-7 main dancer Bae, Apr. 05 2020

Hello once again (hopefully) future K-Pop Idol Diaries readers. It’s been a couple weeks since the we revealed Shine, the leader of SKS-7 and lead rapper. Now we’ve revealed the second member over the weekend, lead dancer and hyung of SKS-7, Bae... READ MORE -->

It's Shine's Time to Shine

First SKS-7 member reveal: SKS-7 leader Shine, Mar. 24, 2020

Hello (hopefully) future K-Pop Idol Diaries readers. It’s been 2 weeks since we kicked off promotions for our debut light novel series this summer...

...for those who have visited the site, thank you! That means you most likely have already seen the profile of the first SKS-7 member reveal – the group leader Shine! It’s appropriate that Shine would be the first character reveal, as he’s the second character after Gigi we thought of back in 2017 - although he has gone through a few changes since his original incarnation... READ MORE -->

Our First Blog

Go Futa's blog debut, Feb. 29, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever blog.

Well, more appropriately our blog. If you already read our profile, you’ve already seen that Go Futa is actually a writing/art pair of twin sisters, which is why we wondered how we might approach writing a blog under the Go Futa pen name. Moving forward, we thought it might be easier to use the plural pronouns “we”, “our”, etc., as opposed to singular since this series is essentially both our baby... READ MORE -->

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