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Our First Blog

by Go Futa on Feb. 29, 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever blog.

Well, more appropriately our blog. If you already read our profile, you’ve already seen that Go Futa is actually a writing/art pair of twin sisters, which is why we wondered how we might approach writing a blog under the Go Futa pen name. Moving forward, we thought it might be easier to use the plural pronouns “we”, “our”, etc., as opposed to singular since this series is essentially both our baby.

Anyway, we sincerely thank you for visiting the website and getting familiar with K-Pop Idol Diaries – a series for K-Pop fans, by K-Pop fans – which we have been developing for almost 3 years now. Wow, can’t believe it’s been that long! In a strange way, it feels like we just developed the concept for an idol drama series during an inspiring trip at K-Con, where we felt oddly compelled to expand on this idea and see where it went. To our surprise, we became rather obsessed with the set of characters we created, the setting, and the initial list of storylines, and despite the other writing projects we developed as hobbyist, we truly felt strongly about this project that we decided to make this our official debut as authors. It’s honestly quite scary to put something you love so much out there to be judged, but no risk, no reward, right? Overall, we hope that people will love this story and group of characters we created as much as we do, so that would be an achievement in itself.

If you explored the website, you probably noticed that just Gigi, the Gangnam Goddess, is revealed. What about the other members of SKS-7? Well, we’ll be revealing the boys of SKS-7 one-by-one in due time, so please keep coming back to the website to check out the other members soon. Of course, we’ll share some stories about the characters and how we came up with them as we reveal them individually.

For now, please navigate the website if you haven’t already and get to explore this series before it’s official debut.

Fun Fact: we designed this whole website ourselves, so we pulled double duty as web developers as well. Sleep is for the weak! Zzzz…

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