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Meet Gigi!

Gigi is a 16-year-old girl from Seoul, South Korea, with a lot of hustle and ambition for someone her age. She certainly needs it if she wants to achieve her ambitious dream of being a rap star for the famous One-Shot Entertainment, the biggest talent agency in South Korea. Luckily for Gigi, her hustle pays off when she lands an audition and ultimately a position at One-Shot Entertainment and becomes a member of their new grand project called SKS, a multi-unit group with plans to take over the K-Pop world.

However, the SKS unit she is ultimately placed in is far from what she expects, as it turns out she will be the only girl in the co-ed group SKS-7 – consisting of 6 other boys who aren’t as thrilled as she is by her presence in their group!

Experience Gigi’s journey in her own words by taking an intimate look at her personal diary, documenting her foray into Korean idol life. Will Gigi be able to survive in SKS-7 and the world of Korean idol life, or will her dreams go up in flames as quickly as they were ignited?

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